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What provides more value: A Moissanite or a Diamond?

A question frequently asked is what is the inherent value of moissanite when compared to a diamond? Moissanite in its natural form is extremely rare and much more valuable than a diamond. However, since its such a scarce commodity, gemologists were able to replicate the chemical and optical properties of the gemstone and create it in a lab. This technology has allowed moissanite to be an exceptional alternative to a diamond and is being sold to the public at a fraction of the cost. 

Better value at a fraction of the prices: Moissanite

Lab-created moissanite has a higher refractive index than a natural diamond meaning that it has an exceptionally better sparkle. It is also known to be one of the hardest materials used as a gemstone, only second to diamonds. However, when comparing the costs of both moissanite and diamond with relatively similar characteristics, the price difference is quite astronomical. Simply put, the ability to create moissanite in a lab has enabled gemologists to create a better gemstone than diamonds at a fraction of the cost, helping companies like us pass the savings onto you as the consumer.  

Moissanite offers more value and better prices

As for the value of both gemstones, both are used to express love and affection. Moissanite has all the important characteristics of a diamond while providing more sparkle and hurting the wallet less. In other words, it is a gemstone able to provide a consumer with more bang for their buck, or more value at far lesser prices.    

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